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You have to register once for hidden pages and again for the discussion pages. A quirk in the programming i'm afraid!


Family Tree Register

Welcome to the Cakebread family Website.
This is an ongoing project with the aim of uniting all the branches of the Cakebread family tree and to provide a contact point for all other Cakebread research.
However, it is not limited to just the surname Cakebread, if there is a particular branch from the maternal line then this, as far as possible, is explored!

If you believe you have a Cakebread link please get in touch!
All that is requested is a sharing of family history to add to my research in the form of  a gedcom file or similar. I will do free look ups with files held.

Cakebread DNA Project

Membership requirements:

This project is open to anyone named Cakebread or other variant spellings. Also welcome are others who believe that they may have a biological connection to a Cakebread family.

The goals of the project are:

(1) To find other people we are related to
(2) To support existing genealogies and find leads for future research
(3) To prove or disprove existing theories about our ancestors

Y-DNA analysis is based on a test from a direct male descendants of a common ancestor. Females may participate by getting a father, brother or male cousin to take the test. The DNA test is easily administered in the privacy of your home. Test kits may be ordered at a reduced price by going to the
Cakebread Family Join Page. 
Prospective or new members should read the information at the
FamilyTreedna Faq's page. Many people do not understand what DNA testing is all about or have questions about privacy issues. If you have question or reservations about having your DNA tested please contact me at
A DNA test kit will be mailed to your mailing address during the next business day. The test kit consists of two sterile swabs and two sterile containers to receive the DNA sample. The sample is taken by rubbing the sterile swab on the inside of the cheeks. Two samples are taken to ensure that a good sample is taken. The samples are retained by kit number at the laboratory at the University of Arizona so that future tests may be conducted without submitting a new sample.
When you join the Cakebread Family Y-DNA Project an analysis of your test results will be available on this web site. This may include information not generally available for individuals through the FTDNA web site. So, in addition to reduced prices you will receive additional results analysis and support.
Click here to order a test kit and join the group. 
This is a totally free non-commercial web site. While we are associated with
Family Tree DNA neither the Group Administrator nor any members of the project receives any financial support from any testing company. The only cost associated with being a member of this project is the cost of having your DNA tested by FTDNA.
Price have been reduced during the past year. While FTDNA offers a 12 Marker test for $99.00 this has limited value. It is useful in determining which Haplogroup (deep ancestry) you fit into. It may also prove that you are likely not related to other individuals that you do not match. Confirming a common ancestor almost always requires a 25 marker test for $148.00 and sometimes a 37 marker test for $189.00. Of course you can start at any level and upgrade later as you see fit. The most you would pay for all 37 markers is $197.00. 67 marker tests are also available and it is unlikley you will ever need to upgrade once you have had this test. This works out the cheepest in the long run.
The Group Administrator will handle the data management of your Project. The Group Administrator will be Family Tree DNA's direct link to your project.
The Group Administrator will have access to a secure page where your project's status is updated daily. Family Tree DNA will distribute legal release forms allowing for the sharing of the test results with the Group Administrator.

Test results will be returned to the Group Administrator as they are received by the office. Each participant will also receive a certificate and report containing their personal test results. The staff of FTDNA will help you interpret the meaning of your test results.
You may request that your given name and/or E-mail not be displayed on the project web site. Your surname, kit number and test results will be displayed on the project web page. This will not identify you as a unique individual. No other information such as address and phone number will ever be displayed on the project web page or given out by the group administrator.

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